Second Transnational meeting, Ljublijana

a wall filled with lots of old books

by Faenza

Published On: 2021-06-11
Yesterday, during the second Transnational Meeting, the TechLibrary partners, Unione Romagna Faentina, Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana – MKL, Regionalna Narodna Biblioteka Petko P Slaveykov (Bulgaria), Gradska knjižnica Rijeka, Mazsalaca Municipality, Biblioteca Naţională a României and ARGO di Donda Andrea e C. snc (Italy), discussed the stage of the project and the next steps that will be followed in the future.
Our host, the Ljubljana City Library, partner in #TechLibrary project, is the largest public library in Slovenia, with 35 branches and 47 mobile library stops, and the most networked cultural institution in Ljubljana. We were sorry not to be able to be în Ljubliana in person and to visit the Library, but our host managed to give us a comprehensive presentation.
Aiming at understanding changes and preparing paths for the services of the future, Ljubljana City Library is highly focused on providing #lifelong learning services and in the last few years has enriched its offer of services for user with few opportunities – migrants, low educated and users with low levels of basic/key competences, visually, hearing and mobility impaired – accordingly with the increase of the demand of such services.
In #TechLibrary project, the team will collect partners’ inputs in terms of specific content and they will draft recommendations.