These are the organizations involved in TECH.LIBRARY project:

Unione della Romagna Faentina

Faenza, ITALY

Unione della Romagna Faentina (URF) is the Lead partner of TECH.LIBRARY project. It is a Union of six neighbouring Municipalities located in the south-east area of Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy).

The department involved in the project is the Culture and Tourism department, which also includes the management of the municipal Libraries. The main building and organization is the historical Library Manfrediana of the Municipality of Faenza, coordinator of the whole Unione della Romagna Faentina.

The staff involved in the project includes both the group in charge of he management of he libraries and other services (Culture and Tourism) with people experienced in planning and management of European Projects, local and international events and activities.

The Biblioteca Manfrediana has already 200 years of history and experience; its staff also managed some projects at regional and national level, aimed at improving library services particularly for elderly people (for example through cultural activities and meeting and through the newspaper and periodical library service).

Mestna knjiznica

Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Ljubljana City Library (MKL) is the largest public library in Slovenia. It represents the cultural, informational, social and communicational meeting point of individuals, groups, local communities, cultural institutions and organizations. MKL also organises various learning activities for users with special needs, for immigrants, unemployed, job seekers etc. Most of learning activities are organised in Center for Lifelong Learning, which is responsible for training of users from all age groups, staff and wider professional public.

In last few years MKL experienced an increased demand for services for user with few opportunities – migrants, low educated individuals and users with low levels of basic/key competences, visually/hearing/mobility impaired – like workshops, information services, coaching, and lack of staff with competences for such work and for attracting this target groups for visiting libraries.

Valmiera Municipality

Mazsalaca, LATVIA

The TECH.LIBRARY project is implemented by Mazsalaca Town Library, Valmiera Municipality and Valmiera Joint Library.

Mazsalaca Town Library was founded in 1886 and is one of the oldest libraries in North Latvia. From September 1, 2021, Mazsalaca Town Library is a structural unit of Valmiera Library and operates as an independent branch library.

Mazsalaca Town Library is a cultural, educational and information institution that provides library, bibliographic and information, social and recreational services that meet the needs of the local community.

The Library regularly organizes various activities for adults and children, such as photo and painting exhibitions, meetings with writers, creative workshops, excursions, bicycle rides, introductory classes for the youngest ones, etc. Special attention is paid to lifelong learning, activities for the unemployed, the elderly and also students, support is provided to improve electronic skills (databases, ebooks), assistance is offered to help with the preparation of various documents and the use of e-services.

Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei

Bucharest, ROMANIA

The National Library of Romania has the mission to identify, collect, organize, research, develop, preserve and promote the national heritage and the Românica collection of printed and other types of documents published abroad, referring to Romania, Romanian people and Romanian culture, works of Romanian authors published in any language, Romanian language publications of foreign authors published abroad. The National Library of Romania is involved in organizing different types of cultural and professional events addressed to all categories of users like The Night of Libraries and The Researchers’ Night, theater, music and dance performing, exhibitions, launching of books or conferences regarding various fields of knowledge, or the project Dream (Digital Resources – easy to access and manage), addressed to visually impaired people.

In December 2012 the BNaR building of the National Library of Romania was awarded by Motivation Foundation with the Accessibility Mark referring to wheelchairs accessibility.

Moreover, the BNaR has hosted accessible films projections for people with visual impairments and for other kinds of audience too. The National Library of Romania aims indeed to provide access to its valuable collections for all people regardless of age, sex, nationality or disability.

Gradska Knjiznica Rijeka


Rijeka Public Library is organized as a library network of departments, branches and bookmobiles. It aims to be a cultural, educational, social and information centre of the City, open to everybody. As a public library, it promotes democratic values and acts as the heart of the community. Founded on the principle of openness, it is a local access point to knowledge, information, culture and quality leisure time.

Rijeka City Library is one of the key cultural institutions of the City of Rijeka, that in the period from 2018 until 2022 is to enter the cycle of immense transformation processes that would result with the most complicated development changes in the history of the Library, as well as culture in Rijeka generally. Library won the national 2016. Volunteer Organizer Award and the international 2014 EIFL Award for Innovative Use of Technology.

Regionalna Narodna Biblioteka Petko P. Slaveykov

Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA

Regional Public Library – Veliko Tarnovo (RLVT) was founded in 1889 and today it is the biggest library in Central North Bulgaria which offers services combining the traditions and the modern technologies.

The basic functions of the Library are to gather, process, preserve and offer library documents to the readers, to help methodically the libraries from the region, to qualify the library specialists, to generalize the data about the library activities and offer them to the Ministry of Culture and National library “St. Ciril and St.Methodius”- Sofia.

The library organizes IT seminars and educational courses for work with the software for people with vision disabilities and education in Braille writing, theatre performances and itinerant exhibitions of photos and documents for the people with specific needs.

In the period 2017-2019, the library was actively engaged in the implementation of Erasmus + activities in the Vocational Education and Training sector and Adult Education and Creative Europe Program, Culture sub-program.

ARGO di Donda Andrea e C. snc

Faenza, ITALY

ARGO is a company based in Faenza and specialized in development, implementation and coordination of transnational projects as well as cultural and business development initiatives. Its mission is promote and generate innovation processes through a logical intervention approach:

  1. work in close cooperation with both private and public institutions to foster innovation practices and the implementation of research findings;
  2. foster innovation and cooperation as a strategic asset for development;
  3. support institutions to develop innovative projects and solutions;
  4. improve the competitiveness of local territories;
  5. reach a wide network of potential stakeholders (private, public, technical and institutional) to work on common innovation projects.