Biblioteca Italiana per i Ciechi “Regina Margherita”

Did you know that Biblioteca Italiana per i Ciechi “Regina Margherita”, built in 1928 in Genova and nowadays located in Monza, has always been the main library serving the blind people in Italy?
With the creation of additional services, it is currently one of the most complex Italian realities for the dissemination of culture to the visually impaired. The Library is the main production center of Braille publications in Italy. The book heritage – which consists of over 50.000 titles, including works in Braille, on audio cassette, on computer support and works in enlarged characters – covers the most diverse disciplinary sectors and is aimed at different groups of readers. Its production varies from works of literature, to scientific or informative works, such as periodicals and magazines, to scores and educational manuals for music. A widespread loan service makes the volumes owned available to readers who request them, both nationally and abroad. The vademecum of all services is available to be downloaded in DOC and PDF format.
On 21st October 2001 the Library signed an initial agreement with the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), which regulates the creation and dissemination, in the formats most appropriate for their usability by the visually impaired persons, of the products of the publishing industry in compliance with copyright directives. This agreement was renewed in 2012.